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America In ProphecyDear Friends, we recommend that you order this book right away. It chronicles the events of prophecy from the time of Jesus through our day. The Bible predicts that there is a day coming when you won't be able to get books such as this. See Amos 8:11-13 Please order it right away.(Paperback - 654 pages, including several tables and charts, as well as a detailed scripture reference.)

Order the book using Paypal below - it is very safe to use Paypal. Only $9.95 with FREE Shipping!

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Please, download these 4 Ebooks for FREE!
(They were written long ago, so it is still currently legal to download them, but you will probably not be able to get them in the future. See the prophecy in Amos 8:11-13.)

The Great Controversy Truth Triumphant History of the Sabbath

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24 Storacle lessons and 27 Study Guides
(Both of these above sets of Bible lessons include the United States in Bible Prophecy. In the "Storacle" lessons this topic is covered in lesson number 19 and in the "Study Guide" series it is found in lesson number 21.)

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